A Shaving Device

A Shaving Device

This Device is an Innovative Ladies Shaver that is shaped to be held naturally by the hand when in use. The functionality of the Device is what makes this Ladies Shaver so different to others in the Market.

Lady Shaver Closed
Lady Shaver extended

Sale Property Details

  • Compact and effective, quick and easy to use
  • Designed with end user in mind and does the job well
  • Fits beautiful into the shape of the hand
  • Functionality means it can shave all the areas of the body without difficulty

A Shaving Device Ownership Benefits

  • PCT ( in review stage)
  • Standard size blade replacements ensures life span of the device
  • Unique Design that is functional and durable and is not out of place in a Bathroom
  • Demand for the product will remain over time due to its functionality

Please direct all genuine enquiries to:

Angelo Coco mobile: 0419 659 284

Email: angelo@inventionpathways.com.au