A Rocker Assembly For Settling A Child

A Rocker Assembly For Settling A Child

A Device for that automates the rocking motion that is ideal for settling a baby to sleep without having the Parent tied to the Rocker or Pram or Stroller

Sale Property Details

  • Effective, quick and easy to use
  •  Proven to settle the most difficult baby by the natural rocking motion and allows Parent to do other duties
  • Invention has Global market reach and is affordable
  • Price : To Be Negotiated.

 A Rocker Assembly For Settling A Child Ownership Benefits

  • Standard Patent in place in USA, PCT
  • The invention offers a very good solution to setting a child that fights sleeping and becomes very irritable from being over tired
  • The need for this invention has Global market potential
  • The invention can be used as a rocker stand alone and/or in a Baby Pram or Stroller
  • Demand for the product will remain over time due to its functionality

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