A Device for Inserting and Removing Stakes

A Device for Inserting and Removing Stakes

A device for Inserting and removal of fencing pickets , this device will complete the task fast and without difficulty and is easy to use.

Sale Property Details

  • Compact and effective, quick and easy to use
  •  Designed with end user in mind and does the job well
  • Made of high quality materials and portable
  • Ram & Slide is available now
  • Price : To Be Negotiated.

Ram & Slide Ownership Benefits

  •  Provisional & Innovation Patent in place in AU
  • Inventor can manufacturer product and has stock available
  • Ram & Slide is Compact, Portable, Effective and made from high quality materials including all parts
  • One Method that does the Job Extremely Well
  • Demand for the product will remain over time due to its functionality

Please direct all genuine enquiries to:

Angelo Coco mobile: 0419 659 284

Email: angelo@inventionpathways.com.au