A Disinfecting Device

A Disinfecting Device

A device for disinfecting a surface, the device comprising a canister configured to
contain a liquid therein under pressure

Sale Property Details

  • Compact and effective, quick and easy to use
  • effectively disinfects a wide surface area  with focus on the
    disinfecting substance may be suitable to destroy a microorganism, such as, but not
    limited to a bacterium, a virus, a yeast, a mould, a fungus, a spore, a parasite, or the
    like, present on a surface.
  • Price : To Be Negotiated.

 Disinfecting  Device Ownership Benefits

  • Innovation Patent in place in AU
  • Envisioned  to have the ability to change disinfecting solution within container to target specific outcome requirements of the end user
  • Any suitable discharge nozzle may be used. Preferably, however, the discharge nozzle may be configured to discharge the pressurised liquid as an aerosol, a fog, a mist, or the like
  • Many applications – One Method
  • Demand for the product will remain over time due to its functionality

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