Glockemann Water Pumps – No electricity or fuel to run!

Glockemann Water Pumps

Pumps that do not require electricity or fuel to run!

Water Pump image
Glockemann Water Pumps

Sale Property Details

  • Intellectual Property: Australian Innovation Patent and Trade Mark
  • Trade Mark Name: Glockemann Water Pumps
  • Prototypes: Developed and produced sales of 5,000 units
  • Price: To be negotiated

Glockemann Water Pumps Ownership Benefits

  • Pumps do not require fuel and run on water only
  • Well suited to all third world countries and rural and remote areas where fuel is costly
  • Minimal cost to run – less than $2.00 per week
  • Sales have reached PNG, Fiji, NZ, Solomon Islands, Cambodia, Thailand, Mexico, Canada, USA and many others
  • Manufactured in Australia
  • Pumps come with a 10 year warranty

Please direct all genuine enquiries to:

Angelo Coco mobile: 0419 659 284