Exciting New Opportunity For Inventors Both Local And Internationally.

Invention Pathways is pleased to advise that we now have in place a collaborative arrangement with a Maritime Innovation centre based in India. Bringing with it, tremendous opportunities for exposure  and to possibly access resources to promote and development of your Idea / Invention in India and globally.


The VEGA and SU-NAV Maritime Innovation Center is prepared to provide trials for innovations as part of the Commercialisation of  products and ideas that impact on the following categories within the Maritime sector as a first priority but are not exclusive to the Maritime sector if benefits related to the outcomes listed below can be demonstrated :-

  • Green energy
  • Clean seas
  • Reduction of one-time plastic use
  • Cost optimization by innovative use of technology.


Commercialisation of these products will of course be decided on case-by-case basis and may include part-ownership of the Intellectual property proven and/or enhanced by these trials. Terms and conditions will apply.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us. Call through to us to get more information. Click here for our phone details.