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Do you want to launch your startup without making first-time founder mistakes?

We believe that some of the best entrepreneurs are born in times of upheaval. In these uncertain times, our mission remains unchanged: to help create thousands of successful startups. While there is no doubt the next few months will be tough, if you have recently launched a startup, or have an idea for a startup, you can keep taking small, consistent steps towards bringing your startup to life. Our fully-online Founders Course can guide you through each step while you’re staying at home.

Based on our highly successful in-person programs, the Startup Onramp Founders Course is fully online and comprised of practical, video-based content delivered by startup mentors, experienced founders, investors and subject matter experts as well as online group mentoring.

We believe this program will 10x your chances of startup success.

Read on to learn more about the Founders Course.

Colin Kinner
Founder, Startup Onramp


The Startup Onramp Founders Course is a practical, video-based online course to show you how to start a startup and maximise its chances of success. It is for startup founders with global ambitions, and anyone with an idea for a startup.

The Founders Course will teach you:

  • How to work out if your startup idea is any good – and change it fast if it’s not!
  • How to test your idea with customers
  • How to build a Minimum Viable Product
  • How to recruit and work with developers
  • How to launch your product and get your first customers
  • What mistakes cause startups to fail (and how to avoid them)
  • How to get the legal structure right
  • How to raise money from investors
  • How to build a world class team


The Founders Course is for anyone in the early stages of building a company with global ambitions. You should do this course if you have launched a startup, you have an idea for a startup, you are working on a product and want to turn it into a global business, or if you’re just curious about what it would take to throw in the 9 to 5 and start a scalable business.

  • Software / internet
  • Hardware
  • Physical product
  • Service*

*The course will help service-based businesses move toward a scalable business model rather than just selling time.


The Founders Course will teach you the core skills you need to test your startup idea quickly and cheaply – and to how to pivot if it turns out your initial idea isn’t going to succeed. Once you’ve validated your idea you will learn how to get started on execution.

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The Founders Course will teach you how to be an effective and successful founder. You will learn from successful founders how to acquire customers, raise money, build the right team, avoid common execution mistakes and get on with growing your business.

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